Any Video You Own, Now In Augmented Reality With browsAR!


Any Video You Own,
Now In Augmented Reality With browsAR!


You’ve likely heard of browsAR. If not, you’re coming in at just the right time! browsAR, the premiere mobile augmented reality browser for iOS and Android has just released and we’re absolutely stoked to announce that it packs a bigger punch than ever before! With an already sleek, clean and sexy user interface, we’ve unlocked features in the latest browsAR release, that we’ve wanted to offer since the day we started and today, they are all yours!

browsAR 101


(Note: If you’re already familiar with the coolest app in the world, you can skip to the next part!)
For those of you unsure of what browsAR does, it’s a mobile app for both iPhone, iPad & Android devices. It is used to unlock a budding (or should be say exploding) new technology called Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality is the use of a computing device with a camera, to view the real world but with digital information added seamlessly into the scene, in real time. Think the yellow line on a football field. It’s digital information, being merged and interacted with, in a live view! Now take that yellow line and make it video, music, tv shows, 3D models, animations, polls, news, Twitter feeds, Facebook profiles, and much, much more!
With browsAR we’ve unlocked it all for you, with two HUGE bonuses. It’s easy AND it’s free.
Simply open the app, point the app at a marker, location and more and watch it come to life, instantly. No additional downloads, links, etc…
See? Easy!

So, What’s new this time around?

With the most recent release of browsAR, we’ve unlocked a couple big things:

1. Ability to upload ANY video that you own, to your very own QAR

…and view it instantly in augmented reality with browsAR! You can update these videos at anytime. When you do, the QAR (wherever you’ve placed them) will upload to show the video that you’ve changed it to!


2. History View!

That’s right. As soon as you view something in augmented reality, with browsAR, it will save to your history so you can view it later — even without a marker! This allows you to capture the content and stay on the move, while catching up on all the benefits whenever you want! Don’t need it anymore? Clear your history and it’s gone like the wind!


3. Fullscreen Video!

Remember how we let you put any video on your QAR?  Well, now just tap the video, while it’s playing in AR, to watch it fullscreen! Even kick it to AirPlay if there’s one in the area! You’re welcome.

4. Create a QAR (AR Marker) right in browsAR!

You’ve always been able to hit the good ol’ World Wide Web to create your very own augmented reality ( Now, we’re offering you the same freedom, right within browsAR! Now you’ve got no excuses not to be making QARs like crazy!

…annnnnd bug fixes, keeping you running like the well-oiled machine you are.

Ready to download? Do you have an iPhone & iPad? or Android?

We can’t be more excited to offer these features to you, and as always, if you’ve got questions on browsAR or just cheers for the Gravity Jack team, hit us on Facebook, or on Twitter!
Happy scanning!