Get 250% more leads at your next trade show

We do a lot of marketing work for AR, and the proof that these work for companies is below…
Via CreativeBoom
Augmented reality experiences at events and exhibitions increases dwell time to an average of 15 minutes, according to new research.
They advise that marketers looking to maximise return on investment at events should consider the technology.
As well as providing an initial wow factor, augmented reality increases dwell time and gives sales and marketing experts a huge amount of time to build a relationship or even make a sale.
The technology also allows brands to physically put a product in the hands of customers and demonstrate how it works.
What is more, there is further research that shows that simply by touching and interacting with a product for a few seconds can create an emotional attachment that leads to sales. This is because people become personally attached to the product within the first 30 seconds of contact.
The research investigated 50 commercial uses of augmented reality at a wide range of business to business events and surveyed senior management involved in the procurement of the technology.
One company saw a 250% rise in new business leads and their website saw a peak increase of 451% in weekly hits.