Gravity Jack Releases ‘b.KIT’ Augmented Reality SDK, Encourages Creativity With Free Nexus 4

The custom Augmented Reality software development agency is offering developers access to a limited beta version of its AR software development kit, awarding a free Google Nexus 4 to the developer providing the most creative use.

Liberty Lake, WA (December 19, 2012) – Today, Gravity Jack, the company behind custom augmented reality and visual search campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brand names, has released a limited beta version of its revolutionary software development kit.  The company will immediately begin accepting invitation requests from software developers, via an open form on its website.  Additionally, a grand prize will be awarded to the developer with the most creative and functional use case, in the form of one of the most highly anticipated devices this year — the Google Nexus 4.  The announcement comes as augmented reality continues to grow in popularity and promises to allow hopeful software developers the chance to integrate Gravity Jacks’ technology into a wide range of software use cases.  The patented ‘b.KIT’ SDK includes Gravity Jack’s exclusive browsAR infinite visual search and computer vision technologies.

Augmented Reality (AR) and its closely related cousin, visual search, are exploding technologies, allowing people to view the world around them through a mobile device (like a smartphone or tablet), in a way similar to that of a mobile camera view. When an individual uses a mobile application with augmented reality technology, he or she is able to see the surrounding world but with digital information integrated seamlessly into the scene. The experience is similar to that of a yellow line on a television broadcast of a football game. With Gravity Jack AR, instead of a colored line, the content is fully interactive multimedia. Movie posters begin playing trailers, images offer multimedia content, and previously static marketing materials now offer consumer polling, e-commerce and much more.

Today’s announcement affects a competitive augmented reality and digital marketing industry, providing powerful and unprecedented tools to developers. Gravity Jack President, Founder and CEO, Luke Richey, feels that the release of the company’s technology will move AR software past its current, often gimmick-riddled uses and into a future of real world consumer-focused functionality.

“The timing is right to show critical players in the computer vision and augmented reality space just what Gravity Jack is capable of doing. We are excited for the world of software to experience what sets Gravity Jack apart.”

With the release, Gravity Jack is providing developers with tools that have never before been available, including infinite visual search, realtime tracking and more.

“Aside from our ability to track essentially an infinite number of logos and images,” Richey continues,  “we have the luxury of proving our software to developers and clients in the most authentic and honest way possible. We use the software that we’ve created (and are now offering to developers), in all of our high-end client projects. We have been planning browsAR as a platform for third party developers since we started three years ago. We know that it works and care deeply about our relationships with our developers and agencies. When it all comes down to it, we just want to inspire the industry by sharing this invaluable tool.”

Interested developers may apply to the program by submitting the online application to