How Health Care Providers are Using Augmented Reality to Provide Better Care


If smart care is better care…


How will Augmented Reality (AR) affect the health care industry? Gravity Jack explains!


Augmented Reality allows smart, digital data and information to be merged into the physical world. From operation of equipment, to patient monitoring, AR will optimize the entire health care process providing not only better, smarter care, but care with lower costs.


Gravity Jack offers it all, through the world’s most powerful and customizable augmented reality technology called ‘browsAR Inside.’ Gravity Jack created its technology from the ground up, refusing to license technology from third parties — providing flexible, branded custom solutions that are capable of doing far more, while saving clients hundreds and thousands of dollars in fees. It’s quickly becoming the undisputed method, with custom campaigns for some of the world’s biggest clients, including Coca-Cola, TaylorMade, Myspace, Jay@Play, and Bowflex — as well as individuals and small businesses all over the world.


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